“UFO Mysteries in the Deep Sea: 3 Enigmas in the Solomon Islands”

In the 14th century, Mediterranean mapmakers drew an imaginary island located 100 miles off the coast of Ireland, known as “High Brazil.” Sailors from all over the world have been searching for this mystical island for over 600 years, believing it to be a paradise similar to Eden. Some captains claimed to have found this island and brought back gold and silver from it, but there were also bizarre stories about giants and strange creatures inhabiting the island.

The Solomon Islands are situated to the east of Papua New Guinea, comprising over 1,000 islands across an area of 11,000 square miles. Although first discovered by Spanish explorers in 1568, many associate this region with World War II due to the fierce battles that took place between Japan and the United States on the largest island, Guadalcanal. The campaign lasted over six months, resulting in the sinking of 41 warships and the loss of over thirty thousand lives due to combat and disease. Interestingly, remnants of warships, tanks, and ammunition can still be found on the islands, such as a place known as “Hell’s Point” filled with live ammunition.

Guadalcanal is also renowned for its local legends of giants. These legends are pervasive throughout the Solomon Islands, but on Guadalcanal, the stories tend to focus on giants and their interactions with humans. Giants are depicted in various ways, sometimes as benevolent beings who assist and protect people, and other times as malevolent figures who harm and take control. According to these legends, giants may have lived on the Solomon Islands in the past, and some descriptions range from hairy, squat-like beings to more humanoid figures. Some even suggest that giants could have interbred with the human population.

In 1998, a group of workers during a gold mining operation reported an incident that they believed provided evidence of the existence of the giants of Guadalcanal. One of their bulldozers broke down, and they had to remove the 10-ton blade from the machine for overnight repairs. When they returned to the dig site the next morning, they were astonished by what they discovered. The blade had been moved a significant distance, and they found giant footprints in the mud. They could only assume that the famous giants of the Solomon Islands had been there and had moved the bulldozer blade.

Some theorists suggest a connection between the legends of giants and reported UFO sightings. They speculate that the giants might actually be extraterrestrial beings guarding secret alien bases. Could these giants be protecting something mysterious deep within the mountains of Guadalcanal, as well as underwater UFO bases? Eyewitness accounts of UFOs in the Solomon Islands have been documented for years, with reports of UFOs rising from the ocean where warships sank during World War II and vanishing into remote mountain lakes. There are accounts of strange lights in the sky and ocean, along with sightings of flying saucers over wreckage, flying into and out of mountains and volcanoes, and even crashing into the ocean.

These areas are considered intriguing due to their history of sightings and potential connections between the giants of Guadalcanal and UFO phenomena. It raises questions about the existence of underwater alien bases and the possibility that these mysterious creatures are guardians of these sites.


In addition to the Solomon Islands, the article briefly mentions the Aztec legends and the potential connection between high-pressure quartz found in Cenote Angelita and the creation of wormholes, which are speculated to play a role in the mysterious Aztec tales of entering paradise through whirlpools.

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